Glimpses of Bangladesh

Second Largest Muslim country in the world in terms of population.

Largest Delta in the world & the 7th largest reservoir of Human resources.

Second largest UN peace keeping troop contributor.

Bangladeshi Engineers are working with Intel, Microsoft and many other globally reputed companies.

Bangladeshi Doctors can be found providing medicare all around the globe.

Number of Bangladeshis working overseas are in excess of 10 million.


Location: South Asia, bordering the Bay of Bengal, Myanmar and India. 20°34˝ to 26°38˝ North Latitude.88°01˝ to 92°41˝ East Longitude.

Area: 1,43,998 Sq Km

Population: Nearly 180 million; Muslim 86.6%, Hindu 12.1%,

Buddhist 0.6%,Christian 0.4% & others 0.3%

Capital City: Dhaka

International Airport:  3 (Dhaka, Chittagong and Sylhet)

Sea Ports:  Chittagong & Mongla.


Winter Temp:     Max 28.89 c & Min 6.89 c

Summer Temp:  Max 38.55 c & Min 18.89 c

Average Rainfall:  90” in Monsoon

Government:  Multiparty parliamentary representative democracy.

Head of the State:            President Md. Abdul Hamid

Head of the Govt.:            Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina


Heavy Industry Jute, Textile, Sugar, Paper, Fertilizers, Steel, Pharmaceutical, Toiletries, Cement, Ship Building, Ceramics, Garments, Leather, Fishing etc.

Small Industry:   Glass, Soap, Plastic, Hosiery, Food Processing etc.

Cottage Industries:  Cotton & Silk Fabrics, Copper & Aluminum, Jewelry, Handicrafts etc.

Chief Crops:  Rice, Jute, Tea, Tobacco. Vegetables, Potato etc.

Minerals:  Coal, Oil, Natural Gas, Lime Stone, Silicon, Sand.

Others  Rubber, Timber.

Currency:   Taka (US $ 1= BDT 79.60 Variable)

Per Capita Income:  US $ 1466 (2016)

Exports:  Readymade Garments, Manpower, Textile, Jute, Shrimps, Tea, Fish, Vegetables, Medicines, Handicrafts etc.

Imports:  Medical Equipment, Machinery, and Transport Equipment, Petroleum and Edible oil, Industries, Raw Materials etc.


Categories of personnel available in Bangladesh for foreign employment are classified into 4 groups such as :


Engineers; Civil, Electrical, Mechanical & Chemical.

Architects / Planners.

Doctors; Specialist, General Physicians, Dental Surgeons.

Scientists in various fields.

Professors / Teachers in various fields.

Geologist / Soil specialist / Agriculture experts.

Mineral Specialists.

Chartered Accounts.

Banking Specialists.

Estimator / Surveyors.


Skilled Technicians

Junior Engineers / Technicians in Engineering technologies.

Male & Female Nurses, Pharmacists.

Laboratory technicians, Medical assistants, Paramedics.

Earth moving construction equipment operators.

Foremen; Electrical, Mechanical and Civil.

Construction supervisors, Overseers, Estimators.

Electrician L.T. & H.T. Mechanists, Turners, Tool markers.

Welders; Gas, Electric

Carpenters; Cabinet makers.

Steel fixers: Ridges

Mechanics: Heavy, Light equipment, Air Conditioner, Auto Electrician,

Denters, Engineers Filters, Petrol, Diesel.

Masons: Tile Fixers, Plasters, Ceramics.

Plumbers: Pipe fitters.

Drivers: Heavy, Light, Bulldozers, Shovel Crane, Fork Lift.

Draughtsmen: Electrical, Mechanical, Civil.

Hotel Personnel: Manager, Chef, Receptionist, Baker, Waiters,

Steward and Room Boy.

Textile: Jute, Garment, Carpet Weavers, Workers.

Computer Operators : Hardware / Software

Security Personnel, Security guard.

Salesmen – Supermarkets.


Semi Skilled

Electric helpers.

Mechanic helpers.

Erection helpers.

Carpenter shutters / finishing.

Mason helpers, Concrete mixer operators.

Pump operators, Helpers.

Block makers, Helpers.

Laundry / Washer men.



Shopkeepers, Helpers.

Trekker/ Loaders.





Steel fixers.

Painter: wall

Telephone operators.

Maintenance Mechanics.








Janitors / Care takers.

Store keepers.

Agriculture: Labors; Farmers.

Industrial labors.

Peons/ Loaders.