Managing Director

Lt General Masud Uddin Chowdhury, ndc,psc(retd)
Member of Parliament 267, Feni 3

Lt General Masud Uddin Chowdhury, ndc, psc (retd) is a retired General of Bangladesh Army and Former High Commissioner for Bangladesh in Australia (with concurrent accreditation to New Zealand and Fiji). He has vast experience of  Operation, Administration, Management, Training, Intelligence and Diplomacy and very highly regarded personality in military, civil and government sectors. General is also involved with business of Hospitality Management and Production of Green energy. He has also huge experience of working in a multinational environment as a senior diplomat in Australia and while on deputation to Kuwait Armed Forces immediately after Gulf war as Commander of a Composite Engineer Battalion where his principal assignment was clearing Kuwait of war munitions and quality control check of other countries like USA, UK, Turkey, Pakistan etc doing similar works. As a military commander he had the rare opportunity of  commanding two of the highest formations of Army i.e. Infantry Divisions and working in the highest military office of the country as its number one person. As one of the longest serving High Commissioners for Bangladesh in Australia his Political and Economic diplomacy and achievements were enviable. All these experiences and rapport are being brought into this business of Recruitment, Training and Employment overseas of Bangladeshi work force as Managing Director of  5M International Limited.