Recruitment Policy

On receipt of Demand Letter, Power of Attorney and other necessary document we advertise in the local newspapers and through our highly qualified agents, to locate the most suitable and experienced personnel. We then scrutinize and select the best possible candidates strictly in accordance with the requirements of our principle. For our further satisfaction about the merit of the prospective candidates, after scrutinizing we select the best possible candidates for interviews and practical Trade Test by our selection committee which is composed of experts for that particular experience. Those experts hold detail interview followed by practical test.

After final selection, those who are selected or nominated for a foreign employment we send them for medical examination. We deploy physically and mentally fit in all respects, suitable for employment in foreign countries. We furnish our medical examination reports duly signed by the examining doctors for each candidate. On completion of all the formalities we provide the standard foreign employment agreement approved by our principle for signature by the candidates.

On receipt of stamped visa of selected candidates, we shall book their seats on the first available flight and send Fax/E-mail to the principal advising them the date and flight number by which the candidates shall be flying to their zone or sector.